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Thibault, 35 years

Centre Director10 years with Elis

Thibault, 35, Centre Director

It’s like being the boss of an SME
— Thibault


« I was offered to manage my own plant »

After holding the roles of Business Development Manager then Centre Manager, Thibault was offered the opportunity to manage a plant in the Paris region which handles 150,000 work garments each week. "It’s like being the boss of an SME", he explains before noting that "there is no such thing as a typical day". His responsibilities are "related to both labour and business issues", he continues.

« Active listening and local management »

Two of the values embodied by the Elis Group were particularly attractive to the young leader for his career plan and his professional fulfilment: active listening and local management. "I expect my site managers to be close to their teams", he adds before explaining that the rule also applies in the opposite direction: "I am assisted in my duties as plant boss by our support functions"