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Gabriel, 33 years

Business Development Manager7 years with Elis

Gabriel, Business Development Manager

One foot in the business, the other in management
— Gabriel


« Proud to represent France on the far side of the Pyrenees »

After three years with Elis in France, Gabriel crossed the mountains and settled in Barcelona. "I am proud to represent France on the far side of the Pyrenees!" he exults, admitting that he had learned that "such opportunities for international transfers existed" after he was hired. In the morning, he has "one foot with his clients" whilst the afternoon is devoted to managing his team, this double function of business and management being something he really enjoys. Because he is in touch with reality on the ground, he is able to explore business development opportunities with his clients.

« Sharing my experience in the interest of the client »

He is very close to his team and works hard to "help it grow" by sharing his experience in order to "get the best out of everyone and reach our shared goal of customer satisfaction". This is also the point of the Satisfelis programme which periodically measures customer satisfaction, an approach that “allows us to continuously improve our services”.