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Thibault, 28 years

Business Development Manager

Work-study lets you build very strong personal relationships
— Thibault


In his second and final year of a Masters in Human Resources Management at IGS, Thibault B. first responded to a posting for a work experience contract in the Human Resources Department.

"I was tasked with recruiting sales profiles", he explains. "I was working three days a week and was very independent." For the last year of his masters programme, he offered to continue the adventure as a work-study student, and Elis agreed. "After earning my degree, I spent six months travelling in England and Australia. I sent regular updates to my colleagues at Elis. Upon my return, I wanted to work for Elis, but in more of a business and management oriented position. I was completely honest and open with them." He then joined a centre in Ile-de-France as a Business Development Manager, where he worked for one year before moving on to another site. "I still want to work in operations."