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Regulatory Information

Regulatory information covers all the compulsory financial documents published by Elis and filed with the AMF (the French financial markets authority).

Periodic information

Regulatory information covers all the compulsory financial documents published by Elis and filed with the AMF (the French financial markets authority).

Archives 2016

Archives 2015

Information about Elis’s IPO

Information regarding the liquidity contract

Other regulatory information

Other press releases and documents

Share capital increase with preferential subscription rights for approximately €325m

Acquisitions of Indusal and Lavebras


Thursday 27 April 2017 17:40 Q1 2017 revenue


General Meetings

General Meetings and their remits

The General Meeting discusses the points on its agenda, which are typically defined by the Board of Directors. Its members include every shareholders, regardless of the number of shares that they possess.

The shareholders may attend the:

  • Annual General Meeting (AGM), which meets once a year to share information with the shareholders on the company's activities and performance, approve the annual accounts, finalize the amount of the dividends to be paid out, and nominate and renominate members of the Board of Directors;
  • Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM), convened whenever the shareholders' approval is required in order to modify the company's statutes or issue shares to increase its share capital;
  • Combined Annual and Extraordinary General Meeting (AEGM), which is an amalgamation of the two meetings described above, on the same date and the same invitation.
Pursuant to the provisions of Articles L.225-108 and R.225-84 of the French Commercial Code, each shareholder has the possibility of sending written questions to the company. Such questions must be sent either to the company's head offices, by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt, or by electronic telecommunications to the address, at least four business days prior to the date of the General Meeting. A certificate of registration on the company's books must accompany those questions.

Ordinary Shareholders' Meeting of May 27, 2016

Ordinary Shareholders' Meeting of June 24, 2015

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Share Price

Shareholding Structure


Répartition capital


Share Price


Financial analysts

Below is a list of the financial analysts who, to Elis’s knowledge, cover the company and publish research notes about it in English or French. Elis cannot guarantee that this list, which is subject to change, is exhaustive.

Bank Financial analyst
Berenberg Anna Patrice
Deutsche Bank Sylvia Foteva
Exane BNP Paribas Allen Wells
Goldman Sachs Matija Gergolet
HSBC Rajesh Kumar
IDMidCaps Alexandre Vidy
Kepler Cheuvreux David Cerdan
Mainfirst Mourad Lahmidi
Midcap Partners Florent Thy-Tine
Morgan Stanley Andrew Farnell
Natixis Johanna Jourdain 
Oddo Christophe Chaput
Société Générale Sabrina Blanc


Rating agencies

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